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Video showcase of VIPI

The VIPI project

ViPi aims to support and facilitate the acquisition of basic ICT skills for those people with disabilities who lack them. It will provide a “one-stop-shop” interactive portal & learning environment for ICT skills by delivering:

  • a comprehensive multilingual portal;
  • an embedded multilingual social community using the latest social media, facilitating interactive information sharing, interoperability, and collaboration, with access to all;
  • a set of desktop based and mobile (Android) based educational games;
  • an accessible (WCAG 2.0) multilingual Web 2.0 enabled online learning environment for ICT for people with disabilities and their trainers, with an interactive and extensive repository of interoperable SCORM compliant learning objects (LOs) that focus on basic ICT literacy to support the acquisition of core skills by people with disabilities;
  • an entire set of applications and services that will be streamlined via a blended educational and pedagogical framework, making full usage of the interaction possibilities offered by web 2.0, and localised, tested, piloted and subsequently fine-tuned with GR, BE, LT, UK and CY end-user communities.


Video showcase of VIPI
Video showcase of VIPI
Video showcase of VIPI

Karel Van Isacker

Karel Van Isacker has been managing a variety of projects under FP6, FP7 and LLP since 2001, most related with accessible ICT, and related training of (basic) ICT related skills for people with disabilities. Main focus in all of them was on ensuring that the end-users needs are taken on board, and that outcomes benefit directly the people with disabilities. He has managed projects and their pilots throughout Europe, but especially in Belgium, Bulgaria, and Greece. He is also providing consultancy on accessibility aspects, both to the private and public sector, and is an expert in accessible course material provision training. He is at present also coordinator of 2 LLP projects (ViPi and ATLEC).