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Video showcase of "aPLaNet" and "Languages from the Cradle"

The aPLaNet project

The Autonomous “Personal Learning Networks” for Language Teachers (aPLaNet) project is a European Union education project that will help language educators who are not yet using social networks, to understand:

  • What are social networks for language educators?
  • Why should they use them?
  • How can they get involved and still keep their privacy?

The project will help all members join and use Internet Personal Learning Network (PLN) on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Nings etc. (SNs). About PLNs the project has built a set of resources that will answer the three questions.

  1. Technical and teacher guides and videos
  2. Resource templates, workshops, training, diaries
  3. A mentoring system, provided by existing expert users who are language educators, that will offer one-on-one help to educators that want to build their own PLN.


Video showcase of "aPLaNet" and "Languages from the Cradle"
Video showcase of "aPLaNet" and "Languages from the Cradle"
Video showcase of "aPLaNet" and "Languages from the Cradle"

Joel Josephson

Joel Josephson is an expert in Internet driven marketing to communicate with networks of educators globally. Also focusing on direct usages of Games based learning through funded European Union education projects.
He is the founder of the Kindersite project and initiator/partner in 17 innovative European language projects. He is well-known for his exciting and effective approaches to motivate language learners. EU projects he initiated include:aPLaNet, EuroLib and Web2.0ERC .
Joel founded and runs the EU_Educators Facebook group, which is sharing EU projects globally. He also founded the Kindersite Project, an early-learning website, one of the first effective sites for schools.
Formerly involved in high tech at the start of the Internet era, he had two successful start-ups and consulted to technology companies. He has brought his understanding of technology into education by initiating many interesting projects, incorporating innovative uses of ICT.