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The EUROPA 2111 project is co-funded by the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning programme. Through the work of the partnership – 9 members from different European countries - it focuses on the development of new educational tools and new forms of training, combining the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and the need to explore the developing concept of European Identity in all its complexity. Digital media have an important role both in everyday life and in Culture, and therefore a role to play in education and training, offering the opportunity to learn within both informal and formal settings and responding to the needs to improve and update an educational system in a Europe experiencing great generational change.

The project seeks to develop a pedagogical approach to acquisition of Key/ Transversal Competences, based on media production and specifically the production of audiovisual documentaries. By creating the methodological basis for this technical product, the project translates a specific technical process into a learning tool. Moreover, in order to satisfy the need to study the changing perception of European Identity at its various socio-geographical levels, the main theme underlining the project is “Imagining Europe in 2111”. The different partners will apply these principles within the boundaries of their respective countries and will exchange information and know-how in order to draw a comprehensive outline of the evolving European consciousness, projected into the future.


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Erica Delucchi, SCIENTER, Italy

Erica Delucchi is an International Relations expert and Master of Arts. She has worked at SCIENTER-MENON since 2009 as project manager at national and European level, involved in the analysis and assessment of local development as well as training and education policies, ECVET, EQAVET EQF frameworks, evaluation and quality assurance.