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Download Web2LLP's 2nd handbook now: Maximising the social media presence of LLP projects

This handbook gives managers of lifelong learning projects (LLP) the guidelines, tips and tools to understand the basics of setting up a coherent digital communication strategy, and the benefits of using social media.

New Web2LLP handbook on Improving web strategies of LLP projects available now

This handbook enables LLP project managers to build a web strategy, integrate social networks into the web strategy, and to measure the project's impact and reach.

Project training materials to be translated into Hungarian

At the request of the Tempus Public Foundation, the national LLP agency for Hungary, the Web2LLP handbooks are to be translated into Hungarian and made available to Hungarian LLP project managers and other promoters in the country.
This means that the handbooks will be available now in 4 languages as they are already available in French, Italian and English.