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Video Showcase of Viducate

Armin Hottman

Armin Hottmann (Kulturring in Berlin, Germany) talks about the wide array of social media used and about the social media competences developed in the context of the Viducate project, a network for people using video for media education. “You need a lot of time if you want to set up a certain group of followers on Twitter, for example: that doesn’t just happen overnight, you have to be active to find other people you want to connect with.”

Video showcase of REAL

Wendy Newman

Wendy Newman (Association for Language Learning, UK) talks about how social media were used in the REAL project aiming to build a European network of associations of language teachers. “[Speaking about social media] We’ve found that it’s an important way to get in touch with people […], a very useful way to reach a lot of people”

Video showcase of iTILT

Shona Whyte

Shona Whyte (University of Nice, France) presents the project iTILT describing the communication and dissemination strategy and how social media constituted a fundamental element for it. “It helped to have a strategy where everyone informally committed to certain things. […] We people felt that we were all moving forward as a project and that we had specific goals that we were trying to meet”.

Video showcase of eLene2learn

Ildikó Mázár

Ildikó Mázár (EDEN, UK) presents the eLene2Learn project and tells about how different social media tools have been used to build a European network of teachers, students and practitioners in the field of learning. “I think the communication strategy you are building can never be bulletproof: you will always learn as you go […] You will always have to adjust: to have a good strategy in place means that it is flexible enough to adopt the changes as you are going along”.

Video showcase of

Simon Heid

Simon Heid (Coordinator of the project, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany) talking about, a project aimed at developing web community for teachers interested in integrating Web 2.0 in classes at school, highlight the use they made of planned social media as well as the emerging necessity to start using other social media during the project. “We added Facebook and Twitter to have more innovative dissemination activities”.

Video showcase of REC:all

Sally Reynolds

Sally Reynolds (Managing Director at ATiT, Belgium) presents the REC:all project, aimed at exploring new ways for lecture capture to be used for pedagogical enhancement, and speaks about the choice and use of certain social media tools above others. “Facebook and Linkedin are of course very useful […] but for the kind of work that we had in mind for REC:all we decided that NING offered the kind of functionality that we needed […] and I think that the way we are using that community at the moment bears out that it was a good decision”.

Video showcase of Language learning and social media: 6 key dialogues

Katerina Zourou

Katerina Zourou talks about the importance of the social media dimension for both engaging in collaborative activities through open structures and for interaction and dissemination of the project Language learning and social media: 6 key dialogues. “After 2 full years of use I can say that the five social media applications that we chose were fully successful and this because we associated a [precise] use to them”

Video showcase of G8WAY

Graham Attwell

Graham Attwell (Pontydysgu, UK) illustrates how in the context of G8WAY, a project that is developing web 2.0 enhanced learning environments, various social media tools have been used to disseminate the project, to capture different ideas from the participants, etc. “I think [using social media] has got to be embedded into your project, I think if you don’t use social media today in your projects, then you’re really missing some big opportunities”.

Video showcase of "aPLaNet" and "Languages from the Cradle"

Joel Josephson

Joel Josephson (Kindersite LTD, UK) describes the use he makes of a wide array of social media in the general context of LLP projects and in particular The aPLaNet project, aimed at helping educators to develop a social media awareness, and Languages from the Cradle, for informal family language learning. “We put up 7 of the lullabies, little videos, in youtube. That was 4 years ago and today they’ve been viewed 12 million times and every day those videos bring about a hundred people to the project website”

Video showcase of MEDEA2020

Eleonora Pantò

Eleonora Pantò (CSP, Italy) explains how and why some social media have been chosen in time to be part of the set of dissemination tools for the MEDEA2020 project (), presenting the use that has been made of them. “I suggested to use Facebook, since the beginning, but at first there was some kind of resistance because it was not considered a serious tool”.