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Video showcase of MEDEA2020

The MEDEA2020 project

The MEDEA2020 project responds to a growing pressure to provide more relevant and attractive learning opportunities to citizens through the use of ICT in general and media in particular and addresses a problem whereby there are an increasing number of ‘pockets’ of expertise, however accessing these is not always easy. Therefore it will exploit existing know-how and experience in the use of media in education and training in Europe.

Starting from the experience of the MEDEA Awards competition, the unique European forum where excellent examples of media-based learning resources are rewarded and highlighted with the aim of promoting good practice, MEDEA2020 extended the network of countries involved started from the basis of the MEDEA:EU project. Furthermore the network will be strengthened by the MEDEANET project.


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Video showcase of MEDEA2020
Video showcase of MEDEA2020
Video showcase of MEDEA2020

Eleonora Pantò, CSP, Italy
Eleonora Pantò works as Digital Media and Contents manager at CSP, the research organization of the Piemonte Region. She in charge of technological innovation projects dealing with social computing and particularly referring to elearning, digital communities and open contents, webtv, social media strategy. Former project leader of Dschola, a regional school network, recognized as a Good Practice by EU, now she is the Director of the Dschola Association.
She worked in several EU co-financed project related to ICT and education: the most recent are BooGames (policy for videogame industry), MEDEA2020 (media education) and SVEA (web 2.0 models in VET and adult training). She managed two research laboratory in collaboration with University of Torino, related to Social Media and Knowledge Communities. She published books and essays on the impact of ICT and Internet on education and workplace. She is actively involved in promoting Open Education Resources. She runs her own blog, Puntopanto dedicated to technology, learning, citizen journalism and media.